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Our Charitable Wing – Reaching out with Compassion

The hospital caters to the poor and needy through the charitable wing. NU Trust is actively involved in several community outreach activities on an ongoing basis such as organizing of free health camps, convening of seminars on the prevention of nephrology-urology disorders and giving back to the society by providing the best of its knowledge and service resources.

Affordable Care

To the thousands of less privileged patients diagnosed with renal disease, long-term care involves enormous expense, especially for haemodialysis as well as transplant, and its post-operative care. With assistance from the government, and private sponsors, needy patients are provided treatment either at subsidized cost or even totally free, with funds collected from donors. The main criterion to be eligible for subsidized care at NU Trust is economic need, determined both by the doctors as well as the medico-social workers at the hospital.



A 12 year old boy was leaking urine continuously from birth. This was because of him having a rare congenital condition (Epispadias) where the front part of his urethra (The tube that connects the bladder to the tip of the penis) was missing.

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We have served thousands of patients in a relatively short amount of time.
We will continue expanding our care in order to serve as many patients as we can.


Patients availed subsidy from NU Trust


Employees children educated through NU Trust

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Your donation can help us deliver health & hope to the needy people around the globe.

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CSR Opportunities

For CSR partnerships and institutional enquiries, please write to us below.

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NU Trust warmly invites people who can volunteer with us.

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Our Volunteers

Your time and skills are valuable to us and can be lifesavers to someone. When you work with NU Trust, you can provide care to patients with our wide range of projects and initiatives. Find opportunities to volunteer at NU Hospitals.

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