Trustee Message


Dr. Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

NU Trust is the charitable arm of NU Hospitals which aims to help the under-privileged patients who come to the hospital with a hope to survive dreaded diseases but simply cannot afford the expenditure.

Long-term care for patients diagnosed with renal disease involves enormous expenditure. Especially haemodialysis and kidney transplant operations combined with post-operative care can be quite expensive. Thousands of under-privileged patients simply cannot afford it. Paltry facilities and lack of sophisticated treatment centers for the affected patients have resulted in rapid rise of Chronic Kidney disease in the country. Lack of funds and less than adequate support from the government have made matters worse.

Our endeavor, which began in the year 1999, can be termed commendable, given the scarce resources and little support we had to work with. These 18 years which stand a witness to our toil, dedication and struggle to be able to do our bit for the society are also a testimonial to the efforts of our trustees and members, without whom this spirited journey of compassion would not have been possible.

As a niche Medical Institution, we appreciate the need to perform at a very high standard of professional and academic expertise too. Our knowledge in various fields is therefore continuously refreshed and imparted to the aspiring trainees.

NU Academic centre is an another wing of NU Hospitals which has a well equipped library with access to all major Nephro-Urology journals and educational resource materials. Regular academic teaching programmes for Nephrology and Urology residents are conducted every week over Skype involving various academic institutions from all over India. Through innovations and constant improvisation of analytical techniques, the center provides the necessary amenities to deal with the most complex of problems.

NU Hospitals and NU Trust, as responsible elements of the society, have been striving to add meaningful years to lives of patients who seek our help and care thereby making life meaningful for all.

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