"NU Trust is recognized under Section 80(5)(vi) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, for tax exemption"

You can help - Extend your support to the needy

You can get involved with NU Trust in numerous ways. Get associated as a volunteer or donate medical supplies and equipment. You can also be a part of our free health camps and seminars.



Your donation can help us deliver health & hope to the needy people around the globe. When you lend a helping hand to others with NU Trust, you feel the relief that your offerings are constantly working to make their life better - Saving lives.

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CSR Opportunities

For CSR partnerships and institutional enquiries, please write to us below. CSR activities are not only beneficial to the society and underprivileged sections but also for a corporate institute.

Being a part of CSR activities builds a brand profile for the company and helps to secure a positive image. It also helps to cure various diseases in the communities in which you operate. You may also visit our hospitals as a part of our distribution drive and feel the joy of giving and a sense of satisfaction within yourself. If you need any additional support or guidance please contact one of our hospitals.

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Be a part of the charitable wing of NU Trust

NU Trust warmly invites people who can volunteer with us. As an NU Volunteer, you will get opportunities to serve patients with our medical team. If you are interested in joining the NU Trust volunteer team at any of our hospitals, you can contact us using the details below:

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